From W1A to NW1

As if there weren’t already enough reasons to love the new series of the BBC’s W1A, I’m pretty sure that Perfect Curve and Fun Media are based in the Art Deco delight that is the Carrerras Cigar Factory, just across the road from Mornington Crescent tube station in London.

Purely by co-incidence, and not because I was in any way stalking Siobhan Sharpe, I happened to go to take a look the last time I was in London. Architecture is one of my “things” and the Carreras factory has been on my list of architectural things to see for ages.

The photos are a bit tat, I know; I’m a useless photographer at the best of times, but seeing as I took these purely as a record for myself they have even less artistic merit than my pictures usually have. However, there are loads of pics better than mine on t’internet, if anyone feels inclined to search for them.

There’s also some really great information about the origins and history of the building, once known as Arcadia Works, and the tobacco company.

This is one of my favourite sites, a treasure trove of information about modernist buildings, not just in Camden but throughout the UK (although it does lose Brownie points for omitting the Express Building in Manchester – especially as I once worked there!):


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