What is 10,000 miles and more?

It’s roughly the distance I reckon I travelled overland from St Petersburg in Russia to Singapore in South East Asia. That was in 2001-2003 – the best part of 17 months; I’m the world’s most indolent tourist, OK?

This is an account of that trip. As it’s not exactly a contemporaneous record I’m calling it a ‘dlog’ (as in “webbed blog”; well, I thought it was clever). The format will probably be a bit random – a diary here, a collection of essays there, say – as will the frequency of the posts, as this is where I’ll come to play whenever the spirit moves me. Similarly, the content of the posts – the activites and attitudes recorded in them – are me at play too; the professional me, and the work I produce in that life, are on display next door (alisonwinward.wordpress.com).

It’s taken me until now (2016) to get round to doing a reasonably proper job of recording my experiences, and I’m doing it partly for fun, partly by popular request (Mavis E and Pat H, I’m looking at you in particular).

If you’ve wandered onto here by accident, you’re very welcome, but please don’t be expecting recommendations of places to stay, prices etc, because all that kind of stuff will be well out of date by now. (One of my claims to fame is a credit in an edition of Lonely Planet, for Malaysia, I think, for a guest house I recommended. It was great the first time I stayed there – hence the recommendation to Lonely Planet – but ropey when I returned around a year later. It’s probably not even there now. The guest house, I mean, not Lonely Planet – or Malaysia!)

However, if all you’re looking for is a place to procrastinate as I wallow in my past, or you fancy finding out, say, what Phnom Penh, Cambodia, was like before it got its first escalator and the tallest building was less than seven storeys tall, then please make yourself comfortable and read on…