What is 10,000 miles and more?

It’s roughly the distance I reckon I travelled overland from St Petersburg in Russia to Singapore in South East Asia. That was in 2001-2003 – the best part of 17 months; I’m the world’s most indolent tourist, OK?

This site started out as a blog about that trip, although given that it was a less-than-contemporaneous record I called it a ‘dlog’ (as in “webbed blog”; well, I thought it was clever).

Since my first posts, though, it’s kind-of morphed into a blog about travel in general, or, more usually, my travel in general – the places I’ve been more recently and the things I’ve done that other people might find vaguely interesting and/or useful. It’s, basically, a place where I can come to ‘play’; the professional me, and the work I produce in that life, are on display next door (alisonwinward.wordpress.com).

I might still write up things from that first trip every so often, though: who knows, someone out there might be interested in say, what Phnom Penh, Cambodia, was like before it got its first escalator and the tallest building was less than seven storeys tall.